Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Confirmation: Fluoride is Fantastic!

Fluoride is often called nature’s cavity fighter and for good reason. Fluoride, a naturally-occurring mineral, helps prevent cavities in children and adults by making the outer surface of your teeth (enamel) more resistant to the acid attacks that cause tooth decay.

So how exactly does fluoride help? Our friends from the ADA and Mouth Healthy are here to explain further!

"Before teeth break through the gums, the fluoride taken in from foods, beverages and dietary supplements makes tooth enamel (the hard surface of the tooth) stronger, making it easier to resist tooth decay. This provides what is called a "systemic" benefit.'

'After teeth erupt, fluoride helps rebuild (remineralize) weakened tooth enamel and reverses early signs of tooth decay. When you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, or use other fluoride dental products, the fluoride is applied to the surface of your teeth. This provides what is called a "topical" benefit.'

'In addition, the fluoride you take in from foods and beverages continues to provide a topical benefit because it becomes part of your saliva, constantly bathing the teeth with tiny amounts of fluoride that help rebuild weakened tooth enamel (American Dental Association)."

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Four Ways To Keep Up Good Dental Hygiene As You Get Older

Here at Germantown Dental Care we see patients of all ages. We know how important it is to alter your oral care routine throughout the various stages of life, and how a person's oral needs can change as life goes on. "Good dental hygiene and oral care habits are important at any age. But as you get older, you might find yourself wondering if your dental routine needs some tweaking, or if certain life changes have also caused changes in your mouth. Whether you have all of your original teeth, some of them or a full set of dentures, diligently caring for your mouth is just as important when you get older as it was when you were a kid (Colgate.com)."

We work with patients one-on-one to discuss openly (not be judgmental) their lifestyles and suggest how their oral health can be improved. Today we are sharing an article from Colgate.com targeted for our 55+ patients entitled 'Four Ways To Keep Up Good Dental Hygiene As You Get Older.' To read the article and learn about these four tips click here.

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Monday, August 13, 2018

Why Bring Your Child to the Dentist Early?

Some people may wonder why it's so important to start bringing your children to the dentist at an early age. Thanks to our friends at GP General Dentistry Information, here are three great things you’re accomplishing by bringing your child to the dentist regularly at a young age.

#1) You’re allowing a professional to make sure their teeth are developing correctly and are problem-free. These early appointments can easily catch small issues before they become large ones, saving both you and your child from having to go through more extensive (and potentially expensive) treatments in the future.

#2) It sends a strong message to your child about how important it is for them to take care of their teeth. We’re sure you cover this at home, but sometimes it helps a child to hear this information from an adult that isn’t a parent or teacher. Your dentist can also discuss how their diet can affect their smile, which is information that can prove invaluable as your child progresses to choosing their own food.

#3). The appointment will also give them a fresh and clean smile they can be truly confident about, which is not only great for their self-esteem, but their school performance as well. More and more research is showing that a child’s self-confidence is one of the biggest indicators of how they’ll do in school, and for many people (both children and adults), that confidence all starts with the smile. (DP General Dentistry)

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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

8 Travel Tips for Your Teeth

It's summertime which means vacation time! There are only a few weeks left before school begins so families are all set to take that much-needed vacation. It's important to plan ahead before a vacation from travel, expenses, activities planned all the way down to what to pack. But did you ever think about your teeth and oral routine while you're away?

Thanks to our friends from the American Dental Association and MouthHealthy.org, here is a great article with 8 Travelling Tips for your Teeth!

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