Monday, January 30, 2017

How Diet Affects Our Patients’ Teeth

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Today we are sharing an article from dentistrytoday.com which is directed towards us dental professionals, but brings up an excellent point that we often like to discuss with our patients: how diet affects dental health.

Photo credit: Dentistry Today
The practice of prevention is one of the most successful relationship-building strategies we can employ with our patients. Like you, most of our patients are always interested in preventing disease and in stopping the progression of any decay or disease that has started. It's so important to know how the foods you eat daily can affect your teeth, gums and even saliva production! A lot of patients complain about things such as dry mouth and don't realize it's mainly from diet and lack of hydration!

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Are Your Child's Brushing Habits Wearing Away Their Enamel?

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We love all of our patients equally, but have a special place in our hearts for our younger, pediatric patients! We think it's wonderful when parents are pro-active and start bringing their children into our office at an early age so they can begin taking care of their teeth correctly from the start. What a lot of parents don't realize however, is that their child's brushing habits could potentially be wearing away their enamel. How is this possible you may ask? Well today we are sharing this wonderful article from patientconnect365.com which talks about just that! Here are a few of the things that the article mentions:

  • Brushing too frequently
  • Brushing too vigorously
  • Using an ill-fitting toothbrush
  • Using a toothbrush with bristles that are too stiff 
Want to learn more in-depth about each one of these topics so you can better help your child? Visit the full article here. 

If you are concerned about your child's dental habits OR just want to get them started in the right direction, then come see us in Germantown, Maryland! We are now accepting new patients of all ages and our caring, gentle staff would love to meet you!

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Monday, January 16, 2017

7 Oral Health Concerns for Those Over 50

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Today we are sharing an excellent article for our older generations entitled '7 Oral Health Concerns for Those Over 50.'  This article is from PatientConnect365 and talks about several health concerns that can arise as we age. Most of our patients are aware of things like gum disease and  naturally receding gums but did you know about dry mouth or loss of insurance coverage? If not take a look at the article below and learn about these concerns and how to address them!

"When they say “age is all in your head,” they’re probably right. But then, your teeth ARE in your head -- so you likely can’t escape having to pay a little more attention to them after 50. Although some oral health concerns are fairly common at that age, if you adopt a proactive mindset and educate yourself, these concerns do not have to be common for you. Anticipating and recognizing changes in your mouth can help you be on top of your health in this area -- so let’s take a look at the main ones you have to watch out for."


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Monday, January 9, 2017

Less Sugar: Feel Better AND Help Your Teeth!

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With the holidays now behind us, and most of us enjoying some form of holiday goodies and sweets, you may find yourself craving sugar more now than before. Everyone knows that sugars aren't the best for our health and making us feel good, but they are also really bad for our teeth and oral health! Thanks to MindBodyGreen, we are sharing this quick article about some simple food substitutions which you can make to reduce your sugar intake and help satisfy your cravings! Oh, and by the way...they will help your teeth too!

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